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Amalfi Coast

Meeting Point: Sorrento Port/ Piano di Sorrento Port

Time table: 9:30 – 18:00

Have you ever dreamt of a wonderful day on board, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and shared with the people you love? Amalfi coast is a perfect chance for you to experience the beauty of this coast from a different point of view. With Amalfi Coast tour you will enjoy an unforgettable experience along the magic way from Sorrento to the unique town of Positano, famous all over the world for its colour and its special structure: built into the rocks down to the sea. Catching a view of Positano from the sea is a once in a lifetime experience! Not only that, along the way you will also have the chance to swim in the protected FAI area of Baia di Ieranto, an exclusive natural beach that can be reached only by sea or after a 2 hours path into the mountains. It is a reserved area with an amazing water and scenery: again, the rocks and the sea are combined together to give an incredible view. You will also take a dive in the crystal-clear waters of Nerano beach (another little and wonderful beach along the coast) and get close to the little island of Li Galli. After that, we will finally get to the famous beach of Positano where you will enjoy the picturesque beauty of this town from the inside. We will allow you plenty of time to go around exploring Positano, which is called “the coast’s gem”, in its typical little streets, to smell the lemon perfumes which spreads around, to do some shopping of the famous Positano summer clothes. We really suggest having an ice-cream on the beach and taking pictures of a day that you will remember forever!